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Giải pháp USB Internet

RJ11 phone adaptor-Dual installation procedure

Important! Trước hết cài drive

  • Khởi động PC

  • Đặt đĩa IP Phone Center CD vào CD drive

  • CD sẽ tự động chạy

  • Tiếp tục theo chỉ dẫn Khởi động lại PC

After you plug the USB cable from your hardware into your PC , follow this link for the instruction to complete the installation

Quick notes: to use RJ11 phone adaptor-Dual

LED signal:

  • The VoIP LED off : Indicates your phone is connected to PSTN telephone line
  • The VoIP LED on: Indicates your phone is connected to PC for VoIP call
Toggle the connection:
  • To switch the phone connection from VoIP to Line , Enter ( * # * )
  • To switch the phone connection from Line to VoIP, Enter (* # * ) or Flash hook (hang-up shortly)

Answer regular Line or VoIP call:

  • When you have PSTN incoming call, IPC will automatic select PSTN line
  • When you have Skype incoming call, IPC will automatic select VoIP
  • When you Pick up the phone, it will connect to VoIP. If you want to switch to PSTN line, just dial ( * # * )
  • When you are in Skype call, will hear a warning tone if you have PSTN call ringing. You can dial ( * # *) switch to answer PSTN call and keep Skype call on hold
  • When you are in regular phone call and like to answer Skype incoming call, enter ( * # * ) or Flash hook ( hang-up shortly) to switch to VoIP then enter ## to answer Skype call.
To make SkypeOut call:
  • For Skype speed dial, dial "speed dial number" then ##
  • For SkypeOut, dial 00 then phone number then ##

Sử dụng bàn phím

  • Xóa, Dial "#" "0"
  • Skype out, dial 00 then follow the phone numbers, then enter "#""#"
  • Accept/Make call, dial #1
  • Đẩy con trỏ lên (cursor): dial #2
  • Đặt máy, dial #3
  • Select Dialpad page [Skype 1.4 or later], dial #4
  • Chọn Contacts, dial #5
  • Select History page [Skype 1.4 or later], dial #6
  • Nghe thư thọai (Voicemail) [Skype 1.4 or later], dial #7
  • Đẩy con trỏ xuống (cursor), dial #8
  • Instant callback, dial #9
  • Switch between multiple Skype calls, dial #9
  • Backspace, dial #0
  • Enter, dial ##
  • New feature: Make Skype call from your Phone's history list: Select the Skype ID from your phone's caller history list and make call.
  • New feature: Upload Skype contact list to your phone's history list: Right Click IPC icon and click "Upload skype phone book".